THPS adolescents’ Champions Camp

Adolescents living with HIV face considerable challenges and have unique needs and vulnerabilities, as compared to young children and adults. As a result, questions are emerging as to how best they can be addressed while also ensuring successful treatment, long-term retention, and optimal outcomes during the complex and often difficult transition from childhood to adulthood.

Bringing adolescents together in camps is one of the ways in which THPS is responding by incorporating attributes of adolescents friendly services into HIV care. Overall objective of adolescent camping is to enhance adherence and retention of adolescents living with HIV into HIV care and treatment services. The camps are avenues to build a peer support system, assisting adolescents with coping mechanisms and influence each other to adhere to, appointment dates, treatment and positive living. A total of 100 adolescents living with HIV from Pwani, Kigoma and Zanzibar participated in two (2) camps supported by THPS at Kasulu Motel in Kigoma and at Filbelt Bayi schools in Pwani for 5 days in June 2017.