Board of Directors

Dr. Augustine Massawe
Dr. Augustine Massawe is the Chairperson of the THPS Board of Directors. Dr. Massawe is on the clinical and research faculty of the Muhimbili University of Health and Allied Sciences. He is a highly experienced pediatrician and neonatologist, and was a pioneer in the prevention of mother-to-child HIV transmission in Tanzania. Dr. Massawe has written numerous peer-reviewed journal articles and books on pediatric and neonatal health.
Dr. Violet Bakari
Dr. Violet Bakari is the Vice Chairperson of the THPS Board of Directors. Currently she is the site coordinator of the HIV care and treatment clinic at the Tanga Regional Hospital, and she also serves as a commissioner for the Tanzania Commission for AIDS. Dr. Bakari is a medical doctor specializing in dermato-veneriology, and she holds a Master's Degree in International Health from the University of Copenhagen in Denmark.
Mr. Damas Mugashe
Mr. Damas Mugashe is the Treasurer of the THPS Board of Directors. He is a financial management specialist for World Bank projects at the Bank of Tanzania, focusing on financial reforms. He is a certified public accountant registered with the Board of Accountants and Auditors in Tanzania, and he holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the East and Southern Management Institute of the Maastricht School of Management in the Netherlands.
Dr. Rowland Swai
Dr. Rowland Swai is a THPS Board Member and was the second program manager of the National AIDS Control Program within the Tanzanian Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, a position he held for 22 years until his retirement in 2011. In that capacity, Dr. Swai led the national health sector HIV response, including coordinating an HIV testing campaign for 16 million Tanzanians, as well as the scale-up up of antiretroviral program to all regions in Tanzania. Dr. Swai obtained his medical degree at the University of Pavia in Italy, and holds a Master's in Tropical Diseases Control from the University of Dar es Salaam.
Ms. Mary Rusimbi
Ms. Mary Rusimbi is a THPS Board Member and the co-founder and current executive director of Women Fund Tanzania. Ms. Rusimbi also serves as chairperson of the Tanzania Gender Networking Program, a women’s rights organization engaged in policy advocacy, budgeting, training and facilitation, action-oriented research and information generation, the development of civil society organizations, and coalition building/ networking. Previously, Ms. Rusimbi worked as a senior trainer at the Institute of Adult Education and a gender program officer for the Royal Netherlands Embassy and the Canadian High Commission in Tanzania. Ms. Rusimbi has a Master's degree in Education, with specialization in gender and development.
Dr. Mohamed Dahoma
Dr Mohamed J.U. Dahoma is currently serving as the Director of Preventive services with the Ministry of Health in Zanzibar. He has worked in public health at various levels and capacity since 1994 in programme designing and management; programme and project assessment; resource mapping and mobilization; public health impact assessment; programme costing; strategic planning as well as public health evaluation and research. He served as the Program manager of Zanzibar AIDS Control Program (ZACP) now renamed as the Zanzibar Integrated HIV, TB and Leprosy Program (ZIHTLP), for fourteen years between 2000 and 2014 where he gathered extensive experience in HIV & AIDS. Dr Dahoma has served in numerous boards and technical working groups; undertook consultancies and published public health matters in peer review journals
Dr. Yahya Ipuge
Dr. Yahya Ipuge is a THPS Board Member who also heads the Policy Translation and Delivery Thematic Group at the Ifakara Health Institute. Dr. Ipuge is a medical doctor specialized in clinical microbiology and immunology with public health experience in disease control programs, and health care reform systems strengthening. He has led the restructuring of the National Tuberculosis and Leprosy Control Program, establishment of the Diagnostic Services and National Blood Transfusion Services in the Tanzanian Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, and spearheaded the introduction of anti-retroviral treatment services for people living with HIV in Tanzania under PEPFAR through the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, as well as rural access to HIV/AIDS care and treatment services in Mtwara region through the Clinton Health Access Initiative.
Dr. Godfrey Mbaruku
Dr. Godfrey Mbaruku is a Chief Research Scientist with the Ifakara Health Research Institute (IHI) in Tanzania. His specialty is Obstetrics and Gynecology with 30-years experience as a medical doctor. He has served as a practitioner with the Ministry of Health, United Nations Commission for Refugees and asaVice President of the National OBGYN Society (AGOTA). He has been member of various Boards and scientific committees such as the National Therapeutic committee, the International White Ribbon Alliance for safe motherhood, AMREF (Ethics) and the Data Safety Committee for the International Partnership on Microbicides among others. Dr. Godfrey received most of his training at the University of Dar es Salaam, and completed his PhD at Karolinska Institute in Sweden in 2005. He has worked in the fields of reproductive health, maternal and neonatal health, and primary care, management of health services, research and public administration.
Hon. prof Palamagamba Kabudi
Professor Palamagamba John Kabudi is a THPS Board Member, lawyer, and member of the Tanzania Constitutional Review Commission. Previously Professor Kabudi served as the dean of the Faculty of Law at the University of Dar es Salaam from 2009 until his retirement. He has extensive experience in the Tanzanian judiciary, human rights, state policy, and legal challenges, and is a recipient of the Eduardo Mondlane International Law Prize.
Dr. Thomas Finkbeiner
Dr. Thomas Finkbeiner earned his MD from Eberhard –Karl University Tuebingen, Germany and is board certified in Pediatrics and Emergency medicine. He had postgraduate training in Public Health with focus on International health and Health care financing at Tulane University, New Orleans, USA. He worked with Doctors without Borders (MSF) for almost 10 years, later joined the US Centers for Disease control and prevention (CDC) in 2004. In 2006 he moved to Tanzania as Chief for HIV care and treatment with CDC funded through PEPFAR. During his tenure the number of patient on lifesaving ART grew from less than 100,000 to 300,000. In 2013 he started his own medical consultant firm out of Tanzania, focusing mainly on telemedicine. He currently provides an online platform for pediatric medical advice and is expanding the services rapidly together with a network of specialists. Dr. Finkbeiner is practicing clinician with strong analytical skills and believes that patients play a critical role in managing their own health.