Health Systems Strengthening

Pharmacy and Logistics Support Services

A sustainable supply chain management system is critical in ensuring continuous provision of health care services in various program areas with the goal of ensuring timely availability and accessibility of commodities at health facilities and the end users. THPS Pharmacy and Logistics Unit works closely with Tanzanian MoHCDGEC – Directorate of Pharmaceutical Services Section, National AIDS Control Program (NACP), Logistics Management Unit(LMU), Medical Stores Department (MSD), Ministry of Health – Zanzibar, Central Medical Stores (CMS) – Zanzibar, Global Health Supply Chain , RHMTs ,CHMTs and other Implementing Partners to implement the following:

Anti-retroviral (ARV) Commodity Management and Availability

We conduct mentorship support to health care providers on proper use of logistics management information systems (LMIS) tools ie Dispensing registers, R&R, filling and updating stores ledgers and bin cards, quantification and forecasting of ARVs and OI medicines, redistribution of commodities to address shortages and overstocks, arrangement of commodities in the stores using FEFO and providing technical assistance on good dispensing practice.

Support of medicines for management of opportunistic infections on gap filling basis is given priority in case of shortages in the national pipeline (MSD and CMS)

Use of Electronic Logistics Systems (Pharmacy module, e-LMIS and ZeLMIS)

As of Dec 2016, THPS has strengthened and improved the use of e- logistics system (Pharmacy module, Electronic Logistics Management Information System (e-LMIS), and Zanzibar Electronic Logistics Management Information System (ZeLMIS) in Kigoma and Pwani regions and Zanzibar by supporting health facilities with computers, printers, modems and backup devices to smoothen electronic commodity reporting, management and submission to Medical Stores Department and Central Medical Stores. Back in 2013 there were only 3 health facilities in Pwani and only 2 facilities in Kigoma using Pharmacy module database. Currently there are 23 health facilities in Pwani and 9 facilities in Kigoma using Pharmacy module for management of ARVs and as source of data for reporting and ordering to MSD. All government health facilities in Kigoma and Pwani are using e-LMIS for reporting and ordering to MSD


Troubleshooting and technical support is provided most frequently on site to enable smooth continuum of services. Trainings both didactic and on the job are conducted to equip knowledge and skills of HCPs on use of e-logistics system

Internet connectivity is supported to enable smooth online report submission to Medical Stores Department and Central Medical Stores thorough e-LMIS and ZeLMIS



Quality storage of ARVs and HIV commodities:

Proper storage of pharmaceuticals and medical supplies is important in ensuring products are picked using FEFO principle to avoid expiries and smoothening physical counting. THPS has equipped 7 health facilities with storage facilities and cooling systems to ensure quality and potency pharmaceuticals is maintained between Jan 2016 – March 2017


THPS improved Pharmacy storage facility at Newala District Hospital-Mtwara

Supply Chain Mentorship Initiative

We sub grant regional and district health management teams (RHMTs and CHMTs) to provide oversight and mentorship at lower level health facilities on supply chain management.

Regional Pharmacist-Kigoma (right) providing mentorship to health care providers on filling of report forms(R&R) at Bitale Health Centre-Kigoma


A renovated health facility at Likombe in Mtwara 


Kerege dispensary labor & delivery ward before and after renovation

A 40-feet container turned into reproductive and child health unit at Mbwewe dispensary in Pwani