Managing Sub Grantees within the Public and Private not For Profit Organizations

THPS is funded by Multiple donors; These are CDC through PEPFAR Support for “Provision of Comprehensive Care and Treatment Program by Local Indigenous Entities in the United Republic of Tanzania”, under CIFF “Children’s Investment Fund Foundation”, for accelerating Children’s HIV/AID Treatment, UNAID for Cervical Cancer Awareness among Women Living with HIV and National Institute of Health MNH for research on neonatal and maternal health. Through the funding initiatives, THPS is implementing its program through the existing government infrastructures to enhance capacity building for the nationals and sustainability.

To date THPS has issued sub agreements to 45 sub recipients in Kigoma, Pwani, Zanzibar and Mtwara. The sub grantees includes Regional Health Management Teams (RHMTs), Council Health Management Teams (CHMTs), Regional Referral Hospitals in the regions where THPs is operating, Zanzibar Integrated HIV TB and Leprosy Program (ZIHTLP), Faith Based Organization (FBOs), NGOs working with People Living with HIV (PLHIVs) and NGOs working on community Key populations (KP) in Pwani and Zanzibar.

Our work to support partners (sub-grantees) involves participatory planning and budgeting process that creates sense of ownership, ensure capacity building through annual formal trainings and frequent on job trainings and mentorship to ensure compliance to THPS’s, USG and other donor rules and regulations, technical supportive supervisions by THPS subs team, project and expenditure monitoring through timely and accurate finance and technical reports. THPS participates fully in preparation of Comprehensive Councils Health Plans (CCHP) to ensure programing of HIV/AID activities are included to cover the areas that require funding but not fully supported by donors. Through such approaches, some of the activities which were initially covered by donor funding has been transitioned to the government budget.

THPS support to THPS sub recipients involves, technical support (capacity building to health care workers through training and mentorship programs), Human resource for health support (HRH), that includes staff placement and full salary support until when they are absorbed into government systems and become government employees. Other budget support includes supportive supervisions, and health system strengthening activities i.e. material and equipment support to upgrade hospital infrastructures i.e. laboratory, CTCs, pharmacies for drug storage and dispensing

THPS is committed to work with implementing partners to ensure that through its sub grant management systems partners have improved capacity and skills to implement projects and comply with THPS and USG and other donors rules and regulations, and eventually graduate and receive direct funding as prime recipients.